Higher Institute for the Study of Contemporary History of Tunisia, University of Manouba

Tunis, Tunisia

The Higher Institute for the Study of Contemporary History of Tunisia (ISHCT) is a research centre for contemporary history in Tunisia. It houses a microfilm archive, audio-visual witness records, a collection of photographs and a library available on request to researchers, journalists, activists and students wishing to conduct in-depth research into the history of the colonisation and decolonisation of Tunisia. There are four research and study units (UER) bringing together historical researchers dedicated to using the different resources to improve understanding of this period of Tunisian history: UER Archives, UER Repositories of Memory and Museums, UER Oral History and UER History. Through the publication of a review (RAWAFID), conference papers, seminars and scientific meetings, memories from witnesses and document collections, ISHCT hopes to enhance the university library in line with advances in documentation and methodology, thereby helping to stimulate research into this historical period by setting up scientific exchanges in Tunisia and abroad.

Campus Universitaire de la Manouba,
2010 La Manouba
T +216 716 009 50
F +216 716 002 77

Chercheur, coordinateur de l’Unité d’histoire orale
Béchir Yazidi
T +216 982 677 35
F +216 716 002 77

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