Saudi Arabia

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First Saudi State

The First Saudi State was established in 1744 when leader Sheikh Muhammad ibn ‘Abd al-Wahhab settled in Dir‘iyya (in central Saudi Arabia or the Najd region) and Prince Muhammad ibn Saud agreed to support and espouse his cause, with a view to cleansing the Islamic faith from distortions. The House of Saud with other allies rose to become the dominant state in Arabia controlling most of it: the First Saudi State lasted for about 75 years.

Concerned at the growing power of the Saudis, the Ottoman Sultan instructed Muhammad ‘Ali Pasha to re-conquer the area. ‘Ali sent his son Ibrahim Pasha, who was successful in routing the Saudi (Wahhabi) forces in 1817. It would be only a few years before the Sauds would return to power, forming the Second Saudi State.

Rulers of the First Saudi State:
–Imam Muhammad bin Saud (1726–65)
–Imam ‘Abd al-‘Aziz ibn Muhammad ibn Saud (1765–1803)
–Imam Saud ibn ‘Abd al-‘Aziz ibn Muhammad ibn Saud (Saud al-Kabir) (1803–14)
–Imam Abdallah ibn Saud (1814–18)