Eça de Queirós School

Lisbon, Portugal

Eça de Queirós School offers wide and comprehensive education and training and is committed to promoting a strategy for continuous improvement of results with regard to school success, without neglecting educational success. Students regularly participate in national and international projects, achieving excellent ratings in competitions and tournaments. The school also invests substantially in adult education and training, targeted at those wishing to gain qualifications either through formal education or through recognition of competences gained through lifelong learning, with the pleasure of gaining knowledge regardless of educational level.

The school maintains a large number of national and international partnerships and protocols and is always open to innovation and new cultural proposals.

Rua Cidade de Benguela,
1800-071 Lisboa
T +351 218 540 710
F +351 218 540 713


Cristina Correia

Maria José Soares
T +351 218 540 710
F +351 218 540 713

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