Jordan Museum for Costumes and Jewellery

Amman, Jordan

In the eastern section of Amman’s Roman theatre, the museum exhibits a comprehensive collection of clothing, textiles and silver jewellery from the West and East Bank. Founded in 1971 by the Department of Antiquities, the museum illustrates in detail the variety of traditional costumes of men and women from cities, villages and Bedouin communities. The exhibition gives the visitor the opportunity to know more about daily and domestic life, work and traditional craftsmanship, illustrating through textiles, embroidery and costume the meaning of decorative patterns, revealing the trousseau each woman prepared since childhood for her marriage and showing the importance of jewellery in relation to events such as marriage and dowry. The costumes and jewellery are also important examples of how local craftsmanship was a significant source of trade and income.

Quraysh Street

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