Department of Antiquities

Amman, Jordan

In 1923 the Department of Antiquities (DoA) of Jordan was established under the management of Mr Ridha Tawfeq, who relocated it from Jarash to Amman. Law No. 24 for the year 1934 was the first piece of legislation concerning antiquities in Jordan; it was amended by Law No. 21 for the year 1988, and later on by Law No. 22 for the year 2004.

The main goal of the DoA at that time was to protect all antiquities defined according to the law as any movable or immovable object made, written, inscribed, built, discovered or modified by human beings including caves, sculpture, coins, pottery, manuscripts and other kinds of manufactured products that indicate the beginning and development of science, arts, handicrafts, religions, traditions of previous civilisations, or any part added or rebuilt after that time.

The DoA as an independent department has its own budget and director within the Jordanian Government.

10 Sultan al-Atrash Street,
11183 Amman
T +962 6 4644336
F +962 6 4615848

Director of Museums
Huda Kilani
T +962 795798826; 776050902
F +962 6 4644714

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