Italian Geographical Society (SGI)

Rome, Italy

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Founded in 1867 for the purpose of promoting geographic research and the popular distribution of geographic knowledge, the SGI has realised its objectives with reference to the various parts of the world.

A distinctive feature of the SGI’s history has been the organisation of numerous expeditions and scientific missions. But irrespective of the level of involvement by the SGI, interesting accounts of almost all journeys can be found in the society’s archives, since even when an organisation or mission was not directly connected with the SGI, the society was regarded as the most prestigious custodian of the memory of its venture. For this reason, the society’s archives have accumulated a unique legacy (books, maps, photographs) of the history of travel.

Via della Navicella, 12
00184 Roma
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Simone Bozzato
T +39 06 7008279
F +39 06 77079518

Vice Secretary-General
Nadia Fusco
T +39 06 7008279
F +39 06 77079518

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