Italian War History Museum

Rovereto, Italy

The museum, founded in 1921, is located in the castle of Rovereto. Its extensive documentation deals not only with military matters, but also with sociocultural aspects of World War I and wars concerning Italy from the end of the 19th century to World War II. The exhibition area is dedicated to armies and soldiers from the 19th century to World War I (soon to be extended to World War II), with objects and photographs, material relating to trench warfare, flyers, posters and testimonies of the experiences of combatants and civilians.

In the castle towers are collections of modern weapons (16th–18th centuries) and of weapons and instruments from prehistory to medieval times. Temporary exhibits are dedicated to the memory of the World War I and of modern conflicts, with educational activities for families and schools. The museum also promotes study and research, oversees the publication of historical and documentary works and participates in film-making.

Via Castelbarco, 7
38068 Rovereto (TN)
T +39 0464 438100
F +39 0464 423410

Camillo Zadra
T +39 0464 438100
F 0464 423410

Giovanna Pedron
T +39 0464 438100
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