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Turin, Italy

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In Italy, there are 101 State Archives (Archivi di Stato), one in the capital of each province. In addition to state documents from the early medieval period to the present, the State Archives also hold notarial archives older than 100 years and the archives of suppressed ecclesiastical bodies or religious corporations whose property was confiscated by the state. State Archives may also accept the custody of private archives (belonging to individuals, families, firms, associations etc.) and the records of public bodies.

The archival heritage is constantly growing and the material hold in the Italian State Archives as a whole occupies over 1,500 km (about 1,000 miles) in linear measurement, including 1.5 million parchments.

The State Archives are branches of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism.


Piazza Castello, 209
1024 Torino

Via Piave, 21
1022 Torino
T +39 011 540382; 011 4604111
F +39 011 546176; 011 4364795


Archivista di Stato Direttore Coordinatore
Edoardo Garis
T +39 011 540382
F +39 011 546176

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