MIBACT | Directorate General of Archives

Rome, Italy

The Directorate General of Archives, which comes under the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and of Tourism (Ministero dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali e del Turismo), coordinates a vast network of 101 State Archives, 35 Sections of State Archives, the Central State Archives, 19 Archival Supervision Agencies and the Central Institute for Archives. It carries out functions of high-level management, guidance and coordination of the archival sector at a national level as regards protection, preservation, control over current state records, supervision, technology and IT, information systems, preservation of digital records, professional training and development and publishing as well as promoting awareness and utilisation of the archival heritage.

Via Gaeta, 8a
00185 Roma
T +39 06 492251
F +39 06 4882358


Archivist, in charge of international relations
Giulia Barrera
T +39 06 4922 5308
F +39 06 4922 5243

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