IMARET – Institute Mohammed Ali for the Research of the Eastern Tradition

Kavala, Greece


Institute Mohammed Ali for the Research of the Eastern Tradition (IMARET) was established in 2006 in Kavala, Greece, as a non-profit, non-governmental organisation, with its headquarters located in the house of Mohammed Ali. Embarking on its multicultural heritage, the institute’s mission is to act as a hub between the Arab and the Mediterranean cultures and the Western world, by promoting the study, knowledge and understanding of Arab civilisation's achievements in the fields of science, art, philosophy, history and culture, and underlining their influence on the development of Western thought. Beginning with two unique Egyptian monuments, the institute has founded a museum and a residency programme addressing various creative disciplines.

The institute's activities are widespread in the areas of culture, education and community development, offering a multifaceted programme that covers all areas of art and culture, including music and theatre performances, visual arts exhibitions and educational activities for young people, as well as international conferences, seminars and publications that open debate around ideas and intellectual exchange.

Mohammed Ali Square, Panagia,
65110, Kavala
T +30 2510 620 515

Artistic Director
Christos Savvidis
T +30 2310 22 46 26

Artistic Director
Lydia Chatziiakovou
T +30 2310 22 46 26

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