Museo del Traje

Madrid, Spain

© Museo del Traje, CIPE© Museo del Traje, CIPE© Museo del Traje, CIPE

The Museo del Traje, Centro de Investigación del Patrimonio Etnológico (Centre for Research into Ethnological Heritage – CIPE) opened in 2004, but its collection started in 1925 with the Regional and Historic Costume exhibition. The main aim of the institution is “To demonstrate the historical evolution of costume, analysing its technical, social, ideological and creative implications though the diversity and continuous changes in the dress forms and habits”. Besides this, the museum also investigates the ethnological heritage of the Spanish people. The collection includes more than 160,000 items and documents, grouped in the following sections: historical dress, contemporary dress, traditional dress, jewellery, accessories, beauty, textiles, ethnological heritage and documentary collections.

Avenida de Juan de Herrera, 2
28040 Madrid
T +34 91 550 47 00
F +34 91 544 69 70

Técnico Superior de Museos. Departamento de Colecciones
Maria Antonia Herradón
T +34 91 050 55 88

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