Austrian National Library

Vienna, Austria


The Austrian National Library (ANL) regards itself as a centre of information and research oriented towards serving the public, as an outstanding custodian of the national memory and as a multifaceted centre of education and culture. As the central academic library of the Republic of Austria, the ANL looks at a history rich in tradition from as far back as the 14th century. It is a living bridge between the rich heritage of the past and the future-oriented demands of a modern information society.

The ANL offers its users access to and professional advice on its own holdings (almost 8 million objects) and also on international data pools. It also accepts commissions on scientific research and operates documentation centres and service facilities. In the digital age services are increasingly processed online via the ANL home page.

Josefsplatz, 1
1015 Wien
T +43 1 534 10 0
F +43 1 534 10 280

Bildarchiv und Grafiksammlung
Prokop Peter
T +43 1 534 10 333
F +43 1 534 10 820

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