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Egypt | Migrations

Mehmed Hüsrev Pasha commands 6,000 Turkish troops to assist the British in expelling the French from Rashid. For this he is assigned Governor of Egypt.

From 19th century onward

Germany | Migrations

Around 5 million Germans migrate to the USA to meet the need for manpower there, thanks to industrialisation, especially from the Ruhr region.

1809 - 1829

Egypt | Migrations

Description de l'Egypte first appears in 1809 and continues to be published as a series until the final volume appears in 1829. It offers a comprehensive scientific description of ancient and modern Egypt as well as its natural history.

1810 - 1845

Inside a Jewish household 
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Tunisia | Migrations

Taking advantage of treaties known as Capitulations an increasing number of Europeans arrive to seek their fortune in the commerce and industry of the regency, in particular the Leghorn Jews, Italians and Maltese.

1810 - 1850

African slaves working the fields  
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Tunisia | Migrations

Important increase in the arrival of black slaves. The slave market is supplied by seasonal caravans and the Fezzan from Ghadames and the sub-Saharan region in general.

1810 - 1930

Privateer ship flags  
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Tunisia | Migrations

The end of the race in the Mediterranean. For over 200 years the Regency of Tunis saw many free or enslaved Christians arrive from all over the Mediterranean Basin. The Oriental influx is due also to the presence of Turkish power.

1815 - 1848

Germany | Migrations

An estimated 60,000 German citizens leave the territory that later becomes the German Bund (Federation).


France | Migrations

The first German immigrants enter France.

1821 - 1859

Giuseppe Mazzini on his way to exile in 1831 
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Italy | Migrations

Harsh repression of pro-national unification and pro-constitution movement forces many activists – including Giuseppe Mazzini and Giuseppe Garibaldi – to flee abroad.


Egypt | Migrations

The French physician Antoine Barthelemy Clot, Clot Bey as he was known in Egypt, becomes the first director of the Medical School and Hospital in Egypt.
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