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Carte du royaume de Tunis


Tunis, Tunisia

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Musée de la Monnaie : Banque centrale de Tunisie

 About Higher Institute for the Study of Contemporary History of Tunisia, University of Manouba, Tunis

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Map of the Beylik of Tunis


This is a copy of a map of the Beylik of Tunis by Sir Thomas Shaw, an English naturalist and traveller. It was one of the first Western maps of the area. Sir Thomas Shaw wrote all the names of all the ancient Roman towns, clearly marked the borders of Africa Romana and Numidia and the ancient sites of Carthage, Sicca Veneria, Suffetula, Hadrumetum, Thysdrus, Tacapae, and more.

Archival or Bibliographical Reference:

Shaw Thomas, “Geographical Description of the Kingdom of Tunis”, in Philosophical Transactions, 1729 ; Travels or Observations Relating To Several Parts of Barbary and the Levant, Oxford, 1738- 46 fol, 2 vol – London

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Saloua Khadhar Zangar "Carte du royaume de Tunis" in "Sharing History", Museum With No Frontiers, 2024. https://sharinghistory.museumwnf.org/database_item.php?id=object;AWE;tn;49;en

Prepared by: Saloua Khadhar Zangar
Translation by: Flaminia Baldwin

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