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Valley of the Queens, Tomb of Prince Khaemwaset at the moment of discovery

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Valle delle Regine, tomba del principe Khaemuaset al momento della scoperta


Turin, Italy

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Soprintendenza Archeologia del Piemonte: Authority for the Archaeological Heritage of Piedmont

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Soprintendenza Archeologia del Piemonte

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Francesco Ballerini (attributed) (1877, Como-1910)

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Silver bromide negative impressed on glass plate


18 x 13 cm




Francesco Ballerini was an archaeologist and a curator of the Egyptian Museum in Turin. He worked at the 1902 Italian Archaeological Mission in Egypt led by Ernesto Schiaparelli. He also took part in four other excavations including the tombs of Khaemuaset (No. 44) and Sethherkhepeshef (No. 43), both sons of the Pharaoh Rameses III (1183–1152 BC). The tombs were found cluttered with wooden sarcophagi and mummies dating back to a period between the 22nd-25th dynasties, as the picture shows. Both tombs had been robbed previously and showed the pink granite sarcophagi already opened and empty. In the background the viewer can see the scene of the triumph of Osiris, God of the Afterworld. The God is flanked by two funeral genii, guardians of the gates to the afterworld.

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