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Napoléon II's journey to Algeria, 7 June 1865

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Taken from Histoire de l'Algérie et Voyage de Napoléon III en 1865. Photographies entre 1857 et 1867


Paris, France

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National Library of France

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Photographer: Alary and Geiser

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Napoléon III visited Algeria twice during his reign (in 1860 and 1865). It was unusual at this time for the French head of state to travel outside the country, so these visits attracted much attention. They also allowed Napoléon to show how important Algeria was to him. He wanted to judge the complex situation which had been described to him in various reports for himself. A lavish welcome was prepared for him wherever he went during both his visits. This image, for example, shows an arc de triomphe which was erected in his honour at the terminus of a small mining train at Bouhamza.

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