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The last day of the Commune, Paris 1871


Paris, France

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National Library of France

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Artist: Léon Choubrac (1847-1885)

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The Parisians, who had spent many long months under siege, did not accept the armistice signed with Prussia in 1871. They rose up in revolt in March, as the government was hiding in Versailles. The "Commune" of Paris, which organised the city socially and politically, was thus created. Versailles fought the "communards" for two months. After a "bloody week" and the loss of thousands of lives and many deportations, the government finally regained control of the city, which continued until a general amnesty was reached in 1880. From this point onwards, the period - which had become a taboo - gradually began to be discussed. This poster from 1883 is advertising a play which enacted Paris' takeover by the Versaillais.

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"The last day of the Commune, Paris 1871" in "Sharing History", Museum With No Frontiers, 2022. https://sharinghistory.museumwnf.org/database_item.php?id=object;AWE;fr;124;en

Translation by: Flaminia Baldwin

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