Aşiyan Museum

Istanbul, Turkey

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The Aşiyan Museum is situated in the house of the Turkish poet Tevfik Fikret (1867–1915), who lived there between 1906 and 1915. On the initiative of Lütfi Kırdar, the mayor and governer of Istanbul during that period, it was purchased by the city in 1940 from Fikret’s wife, Nazime Hanim, beginning its services as a museum under the name Edebiyat-ı Cedide Museum (New Literary Movement Museum) in 1945.

The museum displays rooms dedicated to the poet Nigar Hanim, the Edebiyat-ı Cedide authors and the poet Abdülhak Hamit, with their personal belongings and documents, and as well as displaying Tevfik Fikret’s bedroom, his personal belongings, his study and paintings. In 1961, the museum was renamed Aşiyan Museum. It is one of the museums operated by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and an important place for lovers of literature.

Aşiyan Yokuşu, 15
34342 Bebek-Beşiktaş, Istanbul
T +90 212 263 69 86
F +90 212 263 69 86

Director for the Department of Library and Museums
Ramazan Minder
T +90 212 249 09 45
F +90 212 249 56 83

Museum Manager
Ata Yersu
T +90 212 263 69 86

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