Ministry of Culture and Tourism (General Directorate for Cultural Heritage and Museums)

Ankara, Turkey

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Hosting many civilisations on its soil throughout the ages, Turkey can be identified as the cradle of civilisations and its culture is enriched by the ancient history of Anatolia, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, the Caucasus, eastern Europe and the Aegean. Turkey is now among the most important cultural and touristic places in the world with its thousands of years of cultural accumulation, unique geography, intercontinental location and natural beauty. Duties and activities including promotion, preservation and the transfer of cultural heritage into the future are the responsibility of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The ministry creates policies that keep abreast of contemporary socioeconomic and strategic developments occurring in the world and carries out its activities within the powers delegated by law.

II. TBMM Binası Yanı
06110 Ulus/Ankara
T +90 312 470 80 00
F +90 312 470 65 32 |

General Director
Gökhan Yazgı
T +90 312 470 60 01
F +90 312 470 65 32

Department of Museums, Expert in Culture and Tourism
Meliha Yaylali
T +90 312 470 62 50
F +90 312 470 65 40

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