Museum of Macedonia

Skopje, North Macedonia

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The National Museum of Macedonia is a complex museum institution comprising the museums of History, Ethnography and Art History. The museum collects, researches, maintains, exhibits and publishes on objects of movable heritage in these domains. It preserves evidence of the way of life and culture in these territories from the settling of Slavs in the 6th century AD till the end of World War II. The icon gallery exhibits a collection of medieval icons including several masterpieces of Byzantine art. The highlight of the permanent display is the icon of the Virgin of Pelagonia painted by Makarie in 1422. The ethnological exhibition takes pride in the magnificent collections of folk costumes, traditional jewellery, traditional architecture, intangible heritage and musical instruments, traditional weaving, crafts and traditional husbandry.

The museum also includes the Documentation Section, Conservation Lab and advanced Marketing Services. The Educational Section in the museum provides guided tours and carries out elaborate educational projects focusing on different target groups.

Extensive publishing activities have been developed throughout the years. The Museum of Macedonia has issued numerous exhibition catalogues, periodicals, monographs, studies and other publications. These are available in the museum shop, which also organises production, sales and distribution of replicas of the most outstanding museum items. All the products in the shop can be purchased on the Internet and delivered to any address.

Josif Mihajlovic, 7
1000 Skopje
Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)
T +389 2 3116 044
F +389 2 3116 439

Public Relations Officer
Nada Andonovska
T +389 75 288 238
F +389 2 3116 439

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