Roma Tre University, Postgraduate Course in Peace Studies

Rome, Italy

The Postgraduate Course in Peace Studies was established in the 2002/03 academic year in the Faculty of Humanities at Roma Tre University.

Its education programme combines university studies with the achievement of specialised professional skills, offering two specific training paths (Advanced Modules) focusing on the following areas: Conflict Prevention, Management and Resolution, and International Cooperation for Development.

The course takes advantage of partnerships with several institutions, organisations, NGOs and research centres, both Italian and foreign, which operate within the fields of international cooperation, human rights protection and conflicts prevention.

Since its beginning, the education programme has included a seminar focused on The Artistic and Cultural Heritage as Peace Factor, offered in cooperation with MWNF.

Via del Valco di San Paolo, 19
00146 Roma
T +39 06 5733 8545

Director Postgraduate Course
Prof. Alfredo Breccia
T +39 06 5733 8545

Coordinator Postgraduate Course
Ass. Prof. Paolo Wulzer
T +39 06 5733 8545

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