MIBACT | National Central Library of Rome

Rome, Italy

The National Central Library of Rome houses and preserves all Italian publications. Opening in 1876 inside the Collegio Romano, a century later it moved to Castro Pretorio to meet the requirements of a modern library. Designed by architects Castellazzi, Dell'Anese and Vitellozzi, it had increased book depositories and reading rooms as well as a cafe and a bookshop. Known as “Vittorio Emanuele II”, it includes 7 million printed books and 8,000 manuscripts.

Through a continuous programme, the library seeks to confirm its role in the cultural circuit involving authors and artists, associations and exchanges of literature, cinema and music. The purpose is to communicate contemporary issues, always bearing in mind the educational and popular aspects, in the belief that it is essential to spread awareness first of all to young people in schools and universities.

Viale Castro Pretorio, 105
00185 Roma
T +39 06 49891
F +39 06 4457635


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