National Archaeological Museum

Madrid, Spain

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The National Archaeological Museum is a public institution. Its mission is to offer the general public an accurate, attractive, interesting and critical interpretation of the objects that belonged to the different cultures that populated the Iberian Peninsula and the Mediterranean region, ranging from Antiquity to more recent periods, in the firm belief that a knowledge of this history can shed light on society as we know it today.

From the outset, the site designated for the National Archaeological Museum was the Palace of the National Library and Museums, a large building conceived in 1860 and located on the Prado de Recoletos. It was completed in 1892, over 30 years and three architectural projects later.

Between 2008 and 2013 the 19th-century building housing the National Archaeological Museum was remodelled and the permanent exhibition redesigned. The new installations in the galleries incorporate a comprehensive array of technical and communication solutions designed to enhance public appreciation of the collections and encourage a greater understanding of the museum’s exhibition discourse, now updated and reinterpreted in the light of new scientific discoveries.

Serrano, 13
28001 Madrid
T +34 91 577 79 12
F +34 91 432 68 40

Documentation Department
Virginia Salve Quejido
T +34 91 577 79 12 (264)

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