Sorolla Museum

Madrid, Spain

© Museo Sorolla© Museo Sorolla© Museo Sorolla

Housed in the Sorolla family mansion, the museum has been left almost exactly as it was when the artist’s wife Clotilde bequeathed it to the state in 1925. It is as though the family has just left, with Joaquin Sorolla’s brushes, palettes and personal possessions still in place.

The three-storey mansion and lush garden functioned as inspiration, studio and home. The artist’s works are displayed in the three studios he designed alongside his family’s living quarters.

Full of movement and colour Sorolla’s paintings bring the beach to central Madrid. Fishermen and sailors rub shoulders with elegant ladies and children in scenes that bridge the gap between social classes. From social realism to landscapes, from portraits of wealthy madrileños to scenes of Andalusian courtyards, Sorolla was an incredibly versatile artist.

General Martínez Campos, 37
28010 Madrid
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