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The Railway Bridge from Anatolia


Istanbul, Turkey

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Istanbul University, Nadir Eserler Kütüphanesi (Rare Books Library)

 About Ministry of Culture and Tourism (General Directorate for Cultural Heritage and Museums), Istanbul

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Late 19th century – begining of the 20th century

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During the 19th century, new technologies radically transformed both travel and communications. The first railway in Anatolia was constructed between Izmir and Aydin. Ottoman railways were mainly built during the period of Abdülhamid II. The first railway in the Republic of Turkey was part of the İzmir-Aydın line, founded by a British company in 1860. The İzmir-Kasaba line was built in 1865, the Rumeli line in 1869-77, the Anatolia-Baghdad line in 1872 and the Mudanya-Bursa line in 1892.

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