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The Italian Politeama Rossini theatre in Tunis, inaugurated in 1903


Rome, Italy

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Italian Geographical Society (SGI)

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Società Geografica Italiana (SGI)

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The Politeama Rossini was built by the construction company of Giuseppe Di Vittorio (a Sicilian who had migrated to Tunisia in 1882); the architect was a Mr. Baron. It could house an audience of 2,500.
The first Italian theatre in Tunis was the “Teatro Tapia” founded in 1826. Other Italian theatres (such as the “Teatro Italiano” and the “Teatro Paradiso”) and concert halls (“Gran Teatro”, “Teatro Cohen”, etc.) were created in Tunis the following decades.

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Comitato della Camera italiana di commercio ed arti, Gli italiani in Tunisia, Tunis, 1906, p. 67

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Giulia Barrera "The Italian Politeama Rossini theatre in Tunis, inaugurated in 1903" in "Sharing History", Museum With No Frontiers, 2022. https://sharinghistory.museumwnf.org/database_item.php?id=object;AWE;it;119;en;N

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