Electricity Museum

Lisbon, Portugal

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 - Adelino Oliveira

The Electricity Museum is a cultural centre that presents the evolution of energy in the concept of museum of science and industrial archaeology, where themed and experimental exhibits live side by side with a great variety of cultural events. Located in the Belém area on terrain that Lisbon usurped from the Tagus (Tejo) River at the end of the 19th century. A building classified as a Public Interest Project, the Electricity Museum unfolds along the perimeter of the old thermoelectric plant, the Tejo Power Station, which illuminated the city of Lisbon for more than four decades. The Electricity Museum is an integral part of the heritage and structure of the EDP Foundation, which belongs to the EDP Group - Energias de Portugal, SA.

Avenida de Brasília
1300-598 Lisboa
T +351 21 002 81 30
F +351 21 002 81 04 / 39


Head of Visitors Support Department
Raquel Eleutério
T +351 21 0028160

Head of Documentation Centre
Fátima Mendes
T +351 21 0028188

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