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Medal – The Great Exhibition Palace, London 1851


Bucharest, Romania

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National Museum of Romanian History

 About National Museum of Romanian History, Bucharest

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This silver medal was dedicated to the palace that was built for the Universal Exposition of London. On the reverse is depicted the Crystal Palace and a short text reads: "Proposed by H.R.H Prince Albert. Designed by Josh Paxton. Erected by Fox Henderson & Co. Occupies 18 acre", while on the obverse is inscribed: "Length 1848 feet. 408 ft. wide. Roof 66 ft. high. Height of transept 108 ft. 900.000 sq. ft. glazed surface. 3320 cast iron columns. 368 wrougth iron trusses. 8 miles exhibition tables. 202 miles of sash bars. 400 tones of glass. Value ₤ 150.000". In 1851, Romanian products (wines, carpets, animal skins, cloths, dyed silk, candles, printings and lithographs, such as a map of the Danubian Principalities) were exhibited in the Turkish pavilion, as Wallachia and Moldavia were under Ottoman sovereignty.

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