Name of Monument:

The Palace of Porto Trade Association Headquarters

Name in original language:

Palácio da Bolsa


Porto, Portugal

Responsible Institution:

Commercial Association of Porto

 About Porto Stock Exchange Palace, Porto

Responsible Institution (original language):

Associação Comercial do Porto

Date of Monument:


Architect(s) / Master-builder(s):

Architects: Joaquim da Costa Lima (1840–1860), Gustavo Adolpho Gonçalves e Sousa (1860–1879), Thomaz Augusto Soller (1879–1883), José de Macedo Araújo Júnior (1883–1890), Joel da Silva Pereira (1894–1899) and José Marques da Silva (1889–1910); Painting and sculptures: Luigi Maninin, António Ramalho, António Carneiro, Veloso Salgado, Marques de Oliveira, Soares dos Reis, Eduardo Malta, Teixeira Lopes and Henrique Medina, among others.


During the siege of Porto (1832-33) by Miguelist Army led by absolutist Prince Miguel (1802-66) against the Liberal troops of his brother Prince Pedro (1798-1834), S. Francisco convent was burnt only surviving the church. Porto Trade Association’s headquarters was erected over these ruins. Queen Maria II issued the law concession letter of 19th June 1841 to order the establishment of the Stock Exchange and the Trial Court. The solemn placing of the first stone took place on 6 October 1842.


All the rooms of the Palácio da Bolsa are works of art, with undisputed prominence as a worthy representative of the city of Porto. Along three generations, great names in architecture, painting, sculpture and decorative arts contributed to the creation of a unique heritage at the Palácio da Bolsa, a true jewel of the neo-classical style of the 19th century. In the Palace’s interior, along with the grand architectural design of the Hall of Nations and the famous Arab Room, other noteworthy attractions include: the furniture’s symbolic meaning and its aesthetic originality; the decorative stucco’s’ intricate detail; the masterful detail of the wooden inlaid floors; the coat of arms and heraldic representations; finely sculpted statues and an immense profusion of gigantic oil paintings and frescos by great Portuguese masters.

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