Encountering the West
During the 19th century, Western influence is apparent in all aspects of life including the arts and architecture. Expeditions to the Middle East and the search for new markets by Europeans coincided with a period of redefinition of identity – between new and traditional patterns of behaviour – in the Islamic world. Artists, who sought to incorporate their own cultural vocabulary into their work, were now influenced by European trends. One of the more characteristic examples of this influence is the introduction of portraiture in painting. Many artists of the region travelled to Europe, where they were trained in the latest styles, which they then used to create distinctive images.
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Encountering the West

Decorative arts
The Tortoise Trainer

Early 20th century

Pera Museum, Istanbul, Turkey

Osman Hamdi Bey

Oil on canvas

Osman Hamdi Bey often painted oriental scenes; his works are rich in colour and detail.

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Encountering the East
Encountering the West
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