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Sketches of Aden


London, United Kingdom

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These drawings show Steamer Point, an early British settlement in Aden, and one early steamer. Sketches of Aden is an account by a British officer who settled in Aden in the first half of the 19th century. Published in Madras in 1848, the book offers a synthesis of the history, geography, people and costumes of that important British settlement on the route to India. Although influenced by 19th-century European stereotypes and by the impact of a new environment, the author describes vividly the political events leading to the British conquest of the port in 1839, the ancient legends and the main events in the local history of Aden, its towns, commerce, living conditions and the heterogeneous population living in Aden: the Arab, Somali, Jewish and Indian communities.

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Historical and Statistical Sketches of Aden ... during a two years' residence ... By an officer in the Queen's Army, Madras, 1848, p. 30

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