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Saliha Sultan Fountain


Istanbul, Turkey

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Ömer M. Koç Collection

 About Vehbi Koç Foundation Sadberk Hanim Museum, Istanbul

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James Robertson and Felice Beato


Robertson’s photographs of landscapes and monuments were usually printed in about a 25 by 30 cm format. In the early years of his career as a photographer, he appears to have preferred the albumen on glass method of taking negatives, switching to the wet collodion process about 1855. For his positive prints he used salt paper until about 1858: after that prints were made on albumen paper, even if they were from negatives taken before that year. Robertson’s photographs are concentrated mainly in and around the districts known as Sultanahmet, Beyoğlu, Galata, and Tophane today. This photo captures Saliha Sultan Fountain in Galata.

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