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Istanbul, Turkey

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Pera Museum

 About Pera Museum, Istanbul

Date of Object:

First half of the 20th century



Material(s) / Technique(s):



W: 400 + H: 40 cm


Plain inverted rim, shallow body, ring base. Light brown paste, white slip, transparent glaze. Under glaze decoration in cobalt blue, turquoise, dark green, yellow, red and black with black outlines. At the centre of a scalloped sun-shaped medallion formed by intertwined rumi and palmette motifs is a star and crescent motif, itself at the centre of a scalloped nine-petal medallion. The remaining surface is covered with a geometric design composed of eight-pointed stars, and the rim is decorated with a wide border of rumi-palmette motifs. The reverse of the plate bears the inscription, Kütahya Azim Çini Fabrikası Mamulatı (Product of the Kütahya azim Tie Factory).

Archival or Bibliographical Reference:

Kütahya Tiles and Ceramics Collection

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