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Fall of Stalać


Belgrade, Serbia

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The National Museum

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Djordje Krstic (1851, Stara Kanjiza, Serbia-1907, Belgrade, Serbia)

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Oil on canvas


255 x 185 cm


Belgrade, Serbia


Having mastered the cobbling trade and after studying theology, in 1873, the Serb Đorđe Krstić went to further his education at the Munich Art Academy thanks to a scholarship from the Knez that came after he had prepared for admission to an arts and crafts school. By 1920, there were approximately 50 Serbian students enrolled there. Though pieces from his Munich phase measure up to the best works of the time, a later painting by this historical and genre artist is better suited here. After the initial, strong influence of realism, on his return to Belgrade, in 1883, he endeavoured to present an open manner of painting, with strong and coloristic effects.
Stalać was one of the largest fortified towns in Serbia in the Middle Ages, serving simultaneously as a checkpoint on the approaches to the then capital Kruševac and to strategically important valleys. At the same time as four other forts, Stalać was burned down and laid to waste in 1413, in initial raids by the Ottoman Turks, who subsequently conquered Serbia in 1459.
This painting was commissioned by King Aleksandar Obrenović for the 1900 Paris Exposition. However, the committee rejected it before the Expo for an excessively extreme depiction of fighting. When the painting was exhibited in the National Museum in Belgrade in 1901, 1,000 visitors flocked to see it every day.

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