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Coronation Of Tsar Dušan

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The Proclamation of Tsar Dusan Law


Belgrade, Serbia

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The National Museum

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Pavle (Paja) Jovanovic (1859, Vrsac, Serbia-1957, Vienna, Austria)

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Oil on canvas


390 x 589 cm


Vienna, Austria


The Coronation of Tsar Dušan was painted on commission from the Kingdom of Serbia for the 1900 Paris Exposition. Jovanović began to prepare for it two years ahead, taking trips and gathering material in Vienna (Habsburg Court Library), Constantinople, Venice, Skopje, Kosovo and Metohija (Gračanica Monastery). Jovanović's consultant in the creation of this piece was the renowned Serbian historian Stojan Novaković. The artist used the plein air (outdoor) painting technique fashionable at the time, one of the reasons being the wish of the commissioning party, more specifically King Milan Obrenović, that Jovanović produce a work suitable for crafting a large tapestry. The painting was unveiled at the 1900 Paris Exposition, drawing flattering recognition and praise and winning a gold medal. The artist was somewhat unhappy with the choice of painting technique, and repeated the subject of Tsar Dušan's coronation (or the Proclamation of Dušan's Code, as it was called for a time after World War II) on numerous occasions after the Paris Expo, in various formats, in different ways and for various purposes until late in life. The fact that there are more than ten replicas and variants by the author himself known to date, speaks of how much this work was esteemed and sought after.

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