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The Revengers


Belgrade, Serbia

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The National Museum

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Date of Object:

Around 1925


Pavle “Paja” Jovanovic (1859, Vrsac, Serbia-1957, Vienna, Austria)

Inventory Number:

31- 578

Material(s) / Technique(s):

Oil on canvas


100 x 150 cm


Juan Des Pins, France


During his frequent travels across the Balkans in the 1880s, Paja Jovanović acquainted himself with the ethnic makeup of the population, particularly in Lower Zeta (present-day Podgorica and the surrounding area), in the neighbourhood of Bar and in the border-lying area with Albania. It was here that Albanian, Serbian and Montenegrin inhabitants intermingled, so their characters, physiognomies, customs and vivid national costumes were entwined and fused into a whole in the paintings of Paja Jovanović. The image of capturing or trying a traitor, who, according to tribal custom, awaited sentencing, is certainly a noteworthy genre subject among those he selected to depict the life and customs of peoples in the Balkans. Unlike the first version, painted by Jovanović in 1885, this replica of The Traitor from the mid-1920s was painted in a more free-handed manner, in broad brush strokes and without insistence on details.

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