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Model of the brig Mariţa


Bucharest, Romania

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National Museum of Romanian History

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20th century




In 1834 Wallachia and Moldavia, which were under Ottoman suzerainty, were granted by the Ottoman Empire the right to sail on the Danube using their national banners. The first Romanian ship to sail under Romanian banner was the brig “Marița”, built in the naval dockyard of the Giurgiu port. Its owner was Wallachian politician Alexandru Vilara, who gave it the name of the wife of Alexandru II Ghica, Wallachia’s ruler between 1834-1842. “Marița” began its first trip in December 1834. Its destination was Istanbul, where it transported 300 kg of wheat. It returned in June 1835 after having been seriously damaged by two storms, one of which on its way back, when the crew had to throw overboard the wine purchased from Istanbul.

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