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Egyptian mummy


Bucharest, Romania

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National Museum of Romanian History

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22nd dynasty (c. 950–730 BC); beginning of the 20th century




Romanian politician and doctor Nicolae Kretzulescu, his wife and their daughter spent the winter of 1868-1869 in Egypt at the invitation of the German consul, whose wife was Mrs. Kretzulescu’s aunt. They were very well treated by Isma'il Pasha, khedive of Egypt, who offered them a three weeks’ cruise on the Nile and put at their disposal a translator, all on his expenses. Before they left Egypt, Isma'il Pasha gave Kretzulescu a sarcophagus with an Egyptian mummy, which according to a description made by French Egyptologist Auguste Marriete, belonged to Bes-An, priest of Ammon from Thebes and dated from the 16th century BC. Back in Bucharest, Kretzulescu invited prince Carol of Hohenzollern to see the mummy and then donated it to the National Museum of Antiquities.

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