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Medal – Semi-centenary of the European Commission of the Danube


Bucharest, Romania

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National Museum of Romanian History

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Carol Popp de Szathmari (11 January 1812, Cluj, Romania-3 July 1887, Bucharest, Romania)




In 1856, the treaty of Paris, signed on 30 March, internationalized the Danube and established the European Commission of the Danube, an inter-state institution (comprising delegates of Austria, France, Great Britain, Prussia, Sardinia and Russia) that had to ensure and facilitate navigation at the mouths of the river.
Issued on the 50th anniversary of the Commission, this medal was designed by O. Patey. On the obverse is depicted the god Danubius, holding a trident in his left hand and lying by the Danube, with his elbow on a stone pipe from which water flows into the river. On the edge is inscribed “Commission Européenne du Danube. On the reverse “1856-1906” is engraved inside a wreath of oak and laurel leaves. Above there is the inscription: “Article 16 du Traite de Paris du 30 Mars 1856”.

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