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Inkwell with Oriental decoration


Bucharest, Romania

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National History Museum of Romania

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Date of Object:

First half of the 19th century


The use of this type of inkwell was borrowed in the Romanian lands from the Ottomans. This particular inkwell belonged to Ion Ghica, one of the Romanian politicians who prepared the 1848 Wallachian revolution. As member of Wallachia’s revolutionary committee, he was sent to Istanbul before the start of the revolution to have talks with Ottoman officials and the ambassadors of European states, in an attempt to convince them to support the claims of the Romanian revolutionaries. After the revolution was defeated, he remained in Istanbul. Between 1854-1857 he was governor of Samos. In 1866, after the election of Carol of Hohenzollern as prince of the United Principalities, Ghica went to Istanbul (May-July) to try to obtain the recognition of his reign.

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