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Album de la Dobrudgea by Anatol Magrin


Bucharest, Romania

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National Museum of Romanian History

 About National Museum of Romanian History, Bucharest

Date of Object:

End of the 19th century


Anatol Magrin (1858, Arcey or Domprel (Doubs), France-ca. 1921, Constanţa, Romania)


In 1878 Anatole Magrin was appointed secretary of the French consul to Constanța and then became vice-consul and consul. He married a Romanian woman and eventually settled in Constanța. He was the owner of the first photo studio in the city and later became the official photographer of king Carol I, who decorated him with the Romanian order of the Crown. He is considered to be the first artist to take photographs of Dobruja, a province in the south-east of Romania which was restored to Romania in 1878, after more than three centuries of Ottoman domination. Magrin’s photo album dedicated to Dobruja contains 56 photos of landscapes and people, some of which depict Turkish and Tatar communities (the Tatars and Turks represent one of Dobruja’s main ethnic minorities).

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