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The port of Galaţi


Bucharest, Romania

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National Museum of Romanian History

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First half of the 19th century


After the Russian annexation of Bessarabia (the eastern part of Moldavia) in 1812 and until the restoration by Russia of Southern Bessarabia (1856), Galați remained Moldavia’s only port on the Danube. Understanding the city’s importance for Moldavia’s economy and wanting to ensure its development, prince Mihail Sturdza, who was appointed ruler of Moldavia by the Sublime Porte in 1834, issued in 1836 an act stipulating that Galați was to be a free port (with no or few customs duties) starting with March 1837. Also, a new neighborhood was to be built based on modern urban planning prescriptions and Galați received the right to organize annually five national fairs, during which traders from everywhere could sell any type of products.

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