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`Ayn Najm, Lebanon

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Lebanese Heritage Museum

 About The Lebanese University, `Ayn Najm

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19th century

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Limestone; engraving


The mashrabiyya is a decorative architectural element characteristic of residences in the Arab world. It was generally used on windows or balconies on the second floor or above. As well as being a natural ventilation device, the mashrabiyya served the purpose of shielding the occupant from the vision of passers' by, whilst still allowing natural light to pass through the gaps. This particular piece is square shaped and made of limestone, sculpted in floral patterns.

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Marie Therese Moujabber "Mashrabiyya" in "Sharing History", Museum With No Frontiers, 2020. http://www.sharinghistory.org/database_item.php?id=object;AWE;lb;52;en

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