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The Opening of the Suez Canal

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Il taglio dell'Istmo di Suez


Trieste, Italy

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Revoltella Civic Museum

 About Revoltella Civic Museum, Trieste

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Civico Museo Revoltella

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Pietro Magni (1817, Milano-1877, Milano)

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inv. 723

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190x140 cm




The artist Pietro Magni studied at the Academy of Brera, travelled to Rome in 1849 and battled for the Roman Republic. His first artwork as mentioned in the author’s biography is The First Steps, known though the photographs to have been on display at the International Exhibition in London in 1862. In 1863 the businessman Pietro Revoltella commissioned the artist to create a marble group showing the opening of the Suez Canal, now in the Revoltella Museum in Trieste. It shows how important the project was for the commissioner, confident that the new opening toward the East would offer economic advantages to his city. Unfortunately he died two months before seeing the Suez Canal completed. The sculpture shows a classical allegory with Europe uniting the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea, behind them the genius of commerce with winged feet indicating the canal the unifies Europe and Asia.

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