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Name of Object:

The goddess Maat

Name in original language:

La dea Maat


Florence, Italy

Holding Institution:

Egyptian Museum

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Holding Institution (original language):

Museo Egizio

Date of Object:

19th Dynasty (14th–13th centuries BC); found in 1828–29

Inventory Number:

inv. 2469

Material(s) / Technique(s):



74 x 47 cm


Egypt, Valley of the Kings, tomb of Pharaoh Sethy Ist (XIX Dynasty)


The fragment comes from the parietal relief from the tomb of Sethy I (1289-1279 A.C.), discovered in 1817 and located in the Valley of the Kings. The relief is part of one of the most important group of the Franco-Tuscan expedition (1828–1829) and has been brought to Florence by Ippolito Roselllini. The relief shows the goddess Maat, recognised by the feather on her head.

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