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General Giuseppe Garibaldi, hero of the Italian national unification, arriving in Tunis in 1834


Rome, Italy

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In 1833, Giuseppe Garibaldi (1807-1882) joined Mazzini’s organization, Giovane Italia, a republican group that supported the unification of Italy, and in 1834 he participated in an attempted insurrection. He was sentenced to death by the Kingdom of Sardinia and fled abroad. He spent time in Tunis in the first half of 1835.
Later, Garibaldi went to South America (1835-1848) where he fought for the independence of different countries. When he came back to Italy he fought to defend the Roman Republic (1849), and in 1860 led a successful expedition of one thousand volunteers in Southern Italy to defeat the Kingdom of Two Sicilies and unify it with Central and Northern Italy.
During the Italian Risorgimento, several other liberals and supporters of Italian unification were forced to go into exile. Several went to North Africa.

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Storia illustrata della vita di G. Garibaldi per Antonio Balbiani

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