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Krushevo, Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)

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Cultural Heritage Protection Office

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19th century

Architect(s) / Master-builder(s):

Local masters


This traditional house in Macedonia shows the influence of Levantine architecture, which was largely enhanced by the skills and knowledge of local masters bringing about outstanding architectural achievements. The town of Krushevo emerged in a relatively short period of about half a century in the late 1700s and early 1800s. Vlachs from Moscopole and minor places around it migrated to this area, bringing with them their construction and dwelling culture and tradition. Miyaks from the Reka area also moved here enriching the architecture with their great construction and architectural decoration skills.


The distinctive layout and interior organization of Krushevo houses arose from the need for adjustment to the steep terrain and severe climate. This house is a two-storied structure with a basement. As in most houses in Krushevo, levelling of structures has been done by construction of a basement embedded in the steep terrain. The basement was built of stone and the upper stories of adobe are coated with plaster. The usable space of the second storey has been expanded by protruded decks. The abundant decorative treatment of the front façade includes symmetrically laid windows flanking the balcony door on the second storey. The impression is enhanced by the peaked roof-edge and semi-round decorations above the balcony door and central windows.

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