Name of Monument:

Dhat Hajj Station


Tabuk Region, Saudi Arabia

Responsible Institution:

Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities

 About The National Museum, Tabuk Region

Date of Monument:


Architect(s) / Master-builder(s):

Mukhtar bey, the general manager of the line


Dhat Hajj is one of the most famous historical monuments inTabuk region, located at the north of the region at a distance of 85 km close to the Saudi-Jordanian border. This was a village inhabited in previous eras, as experienced by the caravans of pilgrims for rest and water supply. The importance of the village was increased with the arrival of the Hijaz Railway.


It is about 690 km. north of al-Madina. It contains one main building and a water tank. 200 meter to the north –east there was the ancient Islamic fort.

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